Returning An Adopted Pet
The Humane Society of the United States estimated that between 6 million and 8 million cats and dogs enter U.S. animal shelters each year.

The relinquishment of previously owned, animal is frustrating to animal shelter personnel, dangerous for the animal, and often painful for the relinquisher.

Too many animals end up in shelters because of the confusion between behavioral and training issues. Don't let your pet be one of them. For help visit our Behavior Helpline or sign up for effective dog training classes.
Surrendering Your Pet - The Last Resort
Ideally, when one adopts an animal, or accepts an animal into his or her home, that person makes a commitment for the lifetime of the animal. In a perfect world, pet adoption would not be taken lightly and full consideration would be given, before hand, to all the possible scenarios that could affect or threaten that very special relationship between person and pet. Certainly, there are a few justifiable reasons that make it necessary to relocate an adopted animal.

If you have adopted a pet and need to return him or her please fill out the form below.

If you have adopted this pet 7 or more days ago, they will be placed on our return wait list. Wright-Way Rescue will take back any pet formerly adopted that is no longer wanted. We do however opperate at full capacity and as a no kill shelter we do not euthanize existing animals to make room for more. We can let you know how long the expected wait may be once your application is received.

If you adopted this pet within the last 7 days we will make every effort possible to accept your pet back as quickly as possible.

If you adopted a pet and are returning it due to a health issue please call us immediately.





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Please tell us why you are giving up this pet. Please be honest as this will help us understand why this pet is not working out in it's current home and how we can replace the pet in a more appropriate home.

Please complete the process by emailing three current photos of the pet to WrightWayRescue@aol.com.

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