Adopting A Kitten
Congratulations on taking the first step towards adopting a kitten! As you search our shelter for your new feline friend it will be easy to fall in love with one (or more) of the many cute faces you see on this website. It is important to consider the following points before adopting a kitten.

Are you looking for an outgoing, shy, playful, affectionate, etc kitten? Spend time asking questions about the kittens personality you are considering.
Kittens require a great deal of commitment on several levels. A kitten is likely to live for 12-20 years. With so many cats being turned in to shelters on a regular basis a kitten's best chance at living a long and happy life is with the owner who makes the commitment to that life when they adopt a baby kitten.
Unlike adult cats who come fully vetted, kittens require a series of vaccinations and worming treatments after adoption. They also require a spay or neuter surgery when of age. This will cost additional funds when compared to adopting an adult cat.
Kittens also require more supervision and socialization during the early months to ensure their safety and temperament. A kittens energy level is endless! We reccommend adopting kittens in pairs if you do not already have a young cat at home for their company.
While we do not recommend ever declawing a cat, we understand there are people who for various reasons prefer cats without claws. For these people, we strongly recommend one of the many already declawed cats that arrive at the shelter frequently.
Will A Kitten Work In Your Family?
Kittens don't always mesh well with seniors, young children, older unsocialized pets, or those owners who work long hours. Make sure everyone in your family is prepared for the joys and challenges of bringing home a new kitten.
"Tanner" adopted 2010
Wright-Way Kitten Adoptions
PLEASE READ! Wright-Way Rescue has two locations, an intake center and an adoption center. Please pay close attention to the location of the pet (posted in the description) you are interested in before making the drive to see them. We do accept reservations for pets that are not yet ready for adoption.