Sponsor A Pet
Thanks for your interest in sponsoring a Wright-Way Rescue animal. Sponsorships like yours help attract attention to pets at the shelter, which in turn increases the pet’s chances of finding a permanent, loving home. While there are no time limits on how long an animal stays at WWR, animals benefit by being placed in a new home as quickly as possible.

Your sponsorship contribution will also help this pet and the many others who come to WWR by providing food, shelter, spay/neuter surgery and veterinary care--services that cost an average of $250/month per animal.  WWR adoption fees cover only a portion of our animal care costs.

The pet you have sponsored will be designated as “sponsored” on our Website for as long as it is in our care (please allow at least three business days for this designation to appear on our Website).

Sponsorships are gladly accepted from individuals, businesses, school classrooms, girls scout/boy scout troops, etc.

Any sponsor amount helps! Donate the entire amount needed or $5.
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October Pet Of The Month - Shasta
Shasta is a purebred French Bulldog who was used to produce countless litters of puppies. The unethical breeder who had owned her failed to care for Shasta's teeth and as a result she needs a great deal of dental work and extractions. Shasta also tested positve for heartworm disease and now must undergo treatment. At 8 years of age, this senior girl should be enjoying her golden years on a pillow in her family's home. Instead she is trying to get healthy and start a new and improved life. Donations to help ensure Shasta gets the retirement home she's dreamed of all her life are desperately needed.

The Nine Lives Club is an exclusive club. Membership is restricted to the nine cats who have been residing at WWR the longest.  They would love to go to a new forever home or be sponsored by an admirer. Some of our Nine Lives members have been here for months and are eager to find a forever home to call their own--please consider adopting or sponsoring one of these fabulous felines.
Name: Jack
Age: Baby
Status: Available For Adoption!

Special Needs Pets - meet some terrific animals needing a little extra TLC. Some may have anxiety issues, others a medical condition. They would love to go to a new forever home or be sponsored by an admirer.
Name: Pancho
Age: 1 year
Size: Tiny
Status: Needs ultrasound of heart to determine level of heart murmer and possible treatment options.
Estimated Cost: $350

Name: Embry
Age: 8 weeks
Size: (will be) Large
Status: This puppy was born underneath a school bus station in rural southern IL. They had a severe staph infection and no hair on their legs or tail. Treatment is being provided in foster care and is going well but slowly.
Estimated Cost: $250

Name: Gandolf
Age: 2-3 years
Size: Small
Status: This handsome Japanese Chin is all love and kisses. He was surrendered to animal control and saved from euthanasia by WWR. Gandolf has a condition called "dry eye" which requires daily eye drops for the rest of his life. Because of this Gandolf has become some what of a harder to place pooch. Please adopt or sponsor this fabulous dog!
Estimated Cost: $250