Homeless Pets Need You
Help her go from  homeless to LOVED
While the needs of every animal Wright-Way Rescue cares for are different, on average it costs WWR $250 to change the life of one animal. 

By providing a gift of $250, you can help transform the life of an animal in need!

Your love and support makes every moment a gift.

Dear Friends,

There are so many beautiful things in life we take for granted. When we don’t have to struggle for something, we often forget how lucky we are.

The streets can be a sad, lonely place for cats, dogs, kittens and puppies abandoned at animal control facilities and left without homes.

Animal control is no place for any dog or cat. No soothing voice or gentle hand offers comfort. Fear becomes a way of life.

Fortunately, with help from friends like you, Wright-Way Rescue offers a safe haven, nourishing food and medical care for homeless animals awaiting adoption.

But what these animals really need is a loving home they can call their own.

Millie, a three legged one eyed terrier mix was left abandoned at a rural animal control facility in Southern IL. Millie was badly matted, dirty, and terrified. She was also scheduled for euthanasia. Now Millie is living with a loving family where she enjoys weekly theraputic swimming sessions at a canine rehabilitation and exercise center.

Taner, a tabby kitten was dropped off in the middle of the night in a parking lot. He was cold and scared when he was found and brought to our shelter. Now Tanner is the king of his castle and is enjoying life with his new forever family.

But not every cat and dog finds a home so easily. After they arrive at our adoption centers, we still have the challenge of finding just the right family to give them a forever home.

And during these difficult economic times, finding homes is even harder.

Every summer Wright-Way Rescue sees an increase in kittens and puppies needing our help, which has led to an increase in funds needed to care for them.

While we do all we can to help these precious animals, at times the needs can be overwhelming.

Your kind gift will help provide shelter, quality food and on-site medical care to animals while they wait for their forever homes - and will even support spaying and neutering to reduce the number of homeless cats and dogs.

On behalf of the animals, thank you for your friendship and support!

For the Animals,

Christy Anderson

Executive Director
Wright-Way Rescue