Adoption Center
Niles IL
About The WWR Adoption Center

A Place Like Home
The new WWR Adoption Center offers an inviting, boutique type setting unique to many shelters. Sky lights, hand-painted murals, and human furniture to relax on, are all part of the welcoming atmosphere.

The Wright-Way Rescue Adoption Center is located at 7136 W Touhy Ave in Niles IL. This new 3500 square foot adoption center serves as a temporary home to approximately two thousand dogs and cats a year; all patiently waiting to meet permanent families.

The adoption center has several cageless suites for larger dogs and litters of puppies while smaller dogs and single puppies enjoy the comfort and conveniences of plastic, low-stress caging. Comfortable beds, interactive toys, music, mid-day snack time, and other amenities all help provide a home-away-from home atmosphere for animals available for adoption. Adult dogs  benefit greatly from several walks a day, courtesy of trained volunteers. Puppies, dogs, cats, and kittens also enjoy socialization, interaction, grooming, and basic training.

Adopting A Pet 
The new WWR Adoption Center has been designed not only to match owners with new pets, but also to offer educational opportunities in an effort to ensure the success of each animal placement. The process begins with an adoption application which applicants can fill out on-site at the computer work stations. Next, potential adopters are invited to an Education Room where they are given basic information and coached on the appropriate steps suggested to add a new pet to their home. A video along with a personal Q&A session helps those who adopt, get started on the right foot with a new pet in their lives.

Families can view the available pets needing homes while visiting the WWR Adoption Center. Their housing has been designed so that each animal is highly visible to the public, while still offering that pet a secure and comfortable living area. Meet n’ Sniff areas are available for families who decide their interest in a particular pet may more than just "puppy love".

Wright-Way Rescue Adoption Center

7136 W Touhy Ave, Niles IL 60714
(773) 353-9931 Adoption Hotline
(847) 972-1058

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Open Hours
Monday - CLOSED
Tuesday - 3pm-8pm
Wednesday - 3pm-8pm
Thursday - 12pm-5pm
Friday - 3pm-8pm
Saturday - 11am-5pm
Sunday - 11am-3pm