City Select Double Stroller Review: A Practical Stroller

Baby Jogger City Select Review: The Most Practical Stroller

Numerous strollers are available with a sprawling number of promises and specifications for different uses at different places. However, not all fulfill the advantages and requirements hand in hand. This is where City Select double stroller comes in. With its incredible weight-carrying capacity, foldability, and single to triple stroller flexibility, the product provides specialized services in a day-to-day stroller.

The award-winning stroller revolutionized its field with its ability to transform from a single stroller into a double with the addition of a bassinet, car seat adapter, or additional seat. The second seat has 16 different combinations of seating arrangements! These are among a few of the features that make them preferable compared to other options on the market.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Stroller

Things to Consider Before Buying a Stroller

Even though using a stroller is pretty common, there still are parents who think of it as unnecessary or extravagant. But getting the right stroller can help not just your kid to be more comfortable in their journeys but you yourself with extra help.

There are numerous factors to consider before committing to just any stroller on the market. First and foremost, have an idea of the budget that you are ready to spend on this. You don’t always have to go overboard with the prize as there are good deals in the medium range. But if luxury is what you want, then the city-select double stroller is the most cost-efficient in the category.

Decide the type of stroller that fits your lifestyle, whether it be standard, jogging, spacial, travel, lightweight, car seat, etc.

While considering the technical aspects of the stroller, make sure it is easily foldable and unfoldable. Getting some with an automatic lock can save you from the hustle of doing it yourself. Strollers come with a lot of gadgets these days, like extendable handles, parking brakes, storage space, etc. Sort out your requirements.

And most importantly, do not compromise on safety. That should not be where you make the cut. Feel the fabric so that it is not rough across your kid’s face. An easily openable canopy helps you to check in once in a while, whereas a five-point harness that is very common today gives extra anchor. A good suspension provides the child with better comfort.

An Overview: City Select Double Stroller

Product Dimensions

‎35 x 24 x 41 inches

Minimum weight recommendation

‎5 Pounds

Maximum weight recommendation

‎45 Pounds

Maximum height recommendation

‎40 Inches

material composition




Batteries required


Harness type

‎5 Point

Item Weight

‎26.4 pounds


onyx (black), ruby (red), quartz (beige), amethyst (purple)

1. Convertibility

The stroller has created itself a name among its competitors with its ability to convert a single stroller into a double one without much work, the second seat sold separately.

  • Remove the covers from both sides above the front wheels
  • Insert two adapters into the openings above the front wheels
  • Slide in a second seat, car seat, or pram.

2. Configurations

For the multiple seating options, the seats can be arranged in 16 different ways, suitable to the situation and your kids’ moods. There are options to face each other when they are comfortable with each other’s company or just playful. There are ways to separate their views with tandem arrangements, different arrangements for space efficiency, arrangements according to the kid’s age and ability, and much more.

3. Large Canopy and Roomy Kids

The head canopy has a lot of room for your kid, the three sections protecting them from sunlight. The seat looks small, but it is actually 12″ wide and 21″ high from the back of the seat to the top of the canopy. Also, you can adjust the canopy to get 3 extra inches at the top, so it is 24″ high from the back of the seat to the top of the canopy.

4. Functions

For parents of different heights and reaches, there is a telescoping handlebar that goes from 38.5″ up to 41.5″ from the ground. This feature assures better maneuvering so that you don’t have to reach out and struggle for control. There is also an attached parking brake beside the handle for better access. Both the seat recline button and footwell adjustment button allow your kids for easy and comfortable napping. An adjustable footrest is also present.

5. Safety and Stability

The city select double stroller is stable double stroller position, and even with a single child, it would not flip over. Parents are advised to keep the heavier kids closer for better stability. There are numerous measures adopted for safety that make all of their strollers either meet or exceed ASTM and EN 1888 testing standards. The flip-flop-friendly parking brake is easily accessible, while the canopy peek-a-book windows allow you to check in from time to time. Also, the puzzle-piece harness buckles keep wiggly toddlers in, although lining up the buckle pieces can sometimes be a pain.

6. Comfort

With two full-size seats that can recline coupled with adjustable footwells that allow them to stretch out, napping is made easier and more comfortable for the kid. The fabric is finely made, but if you are looking for more luxurious cloth, go for the City Select Eco model with upgraded fabric and a detailed leatherette handlebar.

7. Easy to Clean

The fabric is easily detachable and hence makes cleaning pretty simple. It is advisable to dry clean so as to avoid shrinkage. The fabric is smooth and luxurious, but singular cases of rough ones have also been found.

8. Extra Space for Your Baby

The city-select double stroller has room for all of your needs. The seat is actually 12″ wide and 21″ high from the back of the seat to the top of the canopy, and you can lengthen the canopy to three inches more on top, so it is 24″ high from the back of the seat to the top of the canopy. The seat is actually recommended for six months, but If you want to use it for a newborn, you can use a bassinet or car seat adapter.

9. Storage Space

Rather than simply having more room for your kid, the city selects double-select and also offers storage space like no one else. There is a medium size pocket located on the back of the seat that can be used for small phones, wallets, etc, instead of a parent console. There is also a huge basket at the bottom that has room for all your needs, including grocery shopping if necessary. This basket can be made even larger by unzipping two zips.

10. Foldability

It can be easily folded in a single fold. It doesn’t come with an automatic lock, so you have to do it yourself. The unfolding is just as simple and merely requires you to unlock the stroller and pull the handlebar to unfold. While folding, it is better to take the seats off than without the seat. The folded dimensions are 33″L x 26″W x 12.5″H. With the seat on, it is 42″L x 26″W x 12.5″H.

11. Suspension

The back wheels measure 12”, while the front comes in at 8”, and all four are made of polyurethane, which, unlike air tires, will never go flat. It also has a front-wheel suspension. Tires may be cleaned with a damp cloth and then dried completely before use.

City Select Double Stroller: Pros & Cons

City Select Double Stroller Pros & Cons


  • 16 different configurations: The wide variety of positions in which double seats can be arranged is very efficiently carried out. Both the kids can have equally soothing rides. Unlike side-by-side double strollers, it will not flip to one side if you are only carrying a single child.
  • Storage space: The extendable spacious understorage would be a great addition to your daily life. It can not only carry more than two boxers of diapers but also is sturdy enough to carry groceries and such if the need arises. There is also a pocket available behind the seat to carry your wallets and phones.
  • Wheels made for comfort: The city double select stroller has an all-terrain wheel that is also strong and reliable. If you find yourself away from the comfort of a leveled city sidewalk, these strollers will have got you covered.
  • Easily accessible brake: As the brake is mounted on the handlebar and is hand-operated, it gives very easy access and operation to the parent. Especially with a bulky under-storage, it is easier to use a hand-operated brake than try looking for one below.\
  • Extendable handlebar: The telescoping handlebar is very important for parents of different ranges to have proper control and better maneuverability.
  • Multiple recline positions: Position the seat and child according to their needs using easily reclinable seats. The seats are also roomy for the baby.


  • Weight: The stroller can be quite bulky for a single kid. With a single seat, this stroller weighs 28 lbs. If you add a second seat, the weight increases to 34 lbs. But considering both the kids, this is still on the top of the list. This stroller has to weigh a little more to keep its stability when you add a second seat. Otherwise, it will flip over.
  • Extra accessories: Even Though extra accessories can be useful for various functions, some people can find it overwhelming and as a task.
  • No automatic brake: This is what comes to be a deal breaker for a lot of parents. They don’t want to do it themselves in a luxury stroller.

Final Thoughts

The city select double stroller, from all the reviews and specifications, can be found to be a very good deal in the category. It provides a lot of services in an affordable price range for a luxury stroller. The stroller is recommended to parents who can afford a higher price and requires features like storage space, all-terrain wheels, and kids of similar ages who need to be strolled.

City Select is a modular stroller, meaning you can adjust it to fit your needs. The base model will come with a stroller frame as well as a seat that can be used both parent or forward-facing. You then can decide what else you need to make this stroller work for you as your family grows.

With its telescoping handlebar, it’s not only adjustable for kids but also meets the needs of parents tall and small.

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