mamaRoo Sleep and Snoo Bassinet: Who is Superior?

mamaRoo Sleep vs Snoo Bassinet: Which is better?

A bassinet is usually used to put an infant to sleep from the time they are born till they are about 4-6 months of age. So, a bassinet offers a safe, secure, and comfortable sleeping environment to the newborns close to their mothers before transitioning into the crib.

The next-generation bassinets are here. From the low-grade version of cribs, we now have updated smart bassinets that are here to offer better and longer sleep and safety for your newborn baby. Bassinets are now made with advanced features like sound and motion detection capabilities and are even enabled with automatic responsiveness for your crying infant.

4moms mamaRoo Bassinet and Happiest Baby SNOO Bassinet are two of the best tech-savvy bassinets in town that are grabbing attention and simultaneously evoking deep curiosity among parents as to know which is better.

Let us now get to know both the mamaRoo Bassinet and the SNOO Bassinet in detail and evaluate their features in the below segment of this blog post.

Looking at 4mom’s MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet at Glance

products brand, the mamaRoo Sleep Bassinet is an advanced bassinet and not the scaled-down version of a cradle. It is designed as per the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) Safe Sleep Guidelines. This ensures it provides a safe and comfortable sleeping environment for your newborn so that you can have a few hours of worry-free sound sleep, too.

When you purchase this product from their website, you also get access to Newborn Sleep Class powered by Dream Baby Sleep, the latter being a venture by famous baby sleep expert Carolyne J. Harvey. Furthermore, you also get a free gray bassinet sheet.

mamaRoo’s Bassinet is purchasable at their website, and you can also get the 4Moms app for iPhone and Android smartphones.

Happiest Baby’s SNOO Smart Sleeper Bassinet at a Glance

Looking at 4mom’s MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet at Glance .png

Designed as per the guidance offered by celebrated pediatrician Dr. Harvey Karp and MIT engineers, SNOO Smart Sleeper Bassinet is not just an ordinary bassinet but a smart bassinet. It has received De Novo approval from the FDA for enabling babies to sleep on their backs safely (babies who are made to sleep on their backs are at lesser risk of SUID, due to which FDA has approved this product). SNOO Bassinet is also a winner of the Baby Innovation 2023 Award.

They are also offering Certified Pre-Loved SNOO at a discounted price of $1,195. It is 100% certified after a complete inspection of safety, cleanliness, quality, and sanitization and is covered with a 1-year warranty.

SNOO Bassinet is purchasable at their website, and you can also get the Happiest Baby app for iPhone and Android smartphones.

Features of MamaRoo Bassinet and SNOO Bassinet

Features of MamaRoo Bassinet and SNOO Bassinet .jpg

1. Design and Aesthetics of Both Bassinets

mamaRoo Bassinet

  • The mamaRoo Sleep Bassinet comes in a simple design, white in color, with sturdy stands to make the structure stable.
  • The height of the stand is adjustable. There are two height adjustment options, viz; 4.5” and 39”.
  • It comes with a firm and flat sleep surface.
  • The mattress is resistant to water, which is safe and comfortable for the baby.
  • The bassinet comes with soft gray crib sheets.
  • The mesh is breathable and transparent, aiding in comfortable breathing and better visual monitoring.
  • The bassinet doesn’t require batteries to operate and includes an AC adapter.
  • The bassinet is easy to assemble without the need for tools.
  • The crib sheets are machine washable, and the mattress and mesh can be cleaned on the spot using mild soap and warm water.

SNOO Bassinet

  • The SNOO Bassinet is designed with a premium grade motor that is silent and hence great for ensuring sound sleep of the baby and parent.
  • It has a minimalist design with white wood accents, a mahogany base, and metal legs. The height of the bassinet cannot be adjusted.
  • It comes with crib sheets that are made of GOTS-certified organic cotton.
  • The mattress and cover are both water-resistant.
  • The breathable mesh walls allow healthy airflow and visibility.
  • Again when it comes to the assembly, parents need not worry as it can be done easily and quickly without tools.
  • Mattress and crib sheets are machine washable.
  • Comes with 3 ivory SNOO sacks (available in small, medium, and large sizes) composed of organic cotton.
  • The unique swaddling system is to make the baby feel snug and prevents them from rolling into unsafe positions too much. [Note – One thing to note here is that some pediatricians discourage the use of swaddles as restricting the baby’s movements can lead to potential developmental issues and growth later].

2. Motion and Sound Features

mamaRoo Bassinet

  • Offers 5 kinds of mother-inspired built-in motions (car ride, wave, kangaroo, tree swing, and rock-a-bye motions).
  • It also comes with 5-speed settings.
  • Offers four white noise options.
  • The motions have to be either turned on manually or via the app.
  • The height has to be adjusted manually.
  • The bassinet is also enabled with a custom timer, but a particular motion will max out after four hours.

SNOO Bassinet

  • SNOO offers one distinct motion, which is sideways rocking.
  • It offers a calming womb-like motion and sounds to train the newborn to fall asleep easily.
  • It also features five levels of soothing sounds/noises to soothe babies and help them achieve an optimal amount of sleep.
  • This bassinet also comes with an additional safety feature which is the 5-second swaddle system to prevent the baby from rolling too much in the crib.
  • Calms down fussing babies with ascending motion and sound in a minute.

3. Smart Features

mamaRoo Bassinet

  • Features an app for both Android and iOS smartphones so that parents can control the bassinets via the app remotely.
  • It relies on Bluetooth technology to establish a connection between the app and the bassinet.
  • Bluetooth functionality includes adjusting the speed of the bassinet along with changing the motions and sounds. It also helps set the timer from the app.
  • You can find the right motion and speed combination for your baby through the mamaRoo app.
  • The 4moms app supports a timer to establish a bedtime routine.

SNOO Bassinet

  • The SNOO Bassinet also offers both Android and iOS apps that enable parents to control the bassinet easily and remotely.
  • This product too leverages Bluetooth technology to make a connection between the app and the bassinet.
  • Facilitates access to sleep consultants round the clock and provides tips from Dr. Karp.
  • Designed with advanced algorithms, the SNOO Bassinet is one step ahead of all bassinets in detecting baby cries via a microphone in the crib and responds automatically by accelerating the rocking motion and the calming sounds gently to calm the babies. Once the little one calms down, it gradually decreases the white noise and motion.
  • It also offers a few custom settings like a Motion Limiter, which allows the bassinet to respond to baby fusses with four white noises while blocking the two most rocking motions. The next is the Level Lock which arrests the bassinet in one or two particular motions for the entire night. The Responsiveness setting is to detect the baby’s fusses and help them automatically calm down without waking the parents; however, if the baby cries a few times for more than a few minutes, then it stops the effect to allow the parent to have a look at the baby. Finally, the weaning mode is to train the baby to transition from the bassinet to the crib.
  • Another outstanding feature of this smart bassinet is the sleep tracking ability. The app will furnish daily sleep reports that will provide useful insights like how long the baby slept and how many times they had to be soothed.

4. Safety Features

mamaRoo Bassinet

  • The mamaRoo Sleep Bassinet is designed as per the AAP Safe Sleep Guidelines. So, naturally, it is quite reliable and safe to use.
  • The bassinet is supported on a sturdy base and solid stands. The crib holding the baby is covered by breathable mesh on all four sides. Furthermore, the mattress is flat, which aids in resting the baby on the back. Back sleeping prevents asphyxiation and SUIDs.
  • It is also a recommended posture for good development of the baby’s body.

SNOO Bassinet

  • Besides offering a flat and firm surface for sleeping, the SNOO Bassinet offers an additional safety feature which is the safe swaddle feature. The 5-second swaddle ensures the baby sleeps on its back without rolling over in dangerous positions, and it is hip safe.
  • The patented loop “wing” aids in keeping the baby in place on its back. The “wings” can be slid into the bassinet’s in-built safety clips, thereby preventing them from rolling over, unlike traditional baby swings that rock the babies at an unsafe incline. [However, pediatricians do not recommend babies to be restrained over a long duration].
  • Furthermore, the SNOO Bassinet triggers the innate calming reflex, which is the infant’s “on switch” for sleeping and “off switch” for crying.

Answering Common Doubts of Customers

Answering Common Doubts of Customers

1. MamaRoo Bassinet

Is the Mama Roo Sleep Bassinet Approved for Overnight Sleeping?

Yes, the mamaROO bassinet is designed as per the recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics Safe Sleep Guidelines. The baby can sleep on their back all night on a firm, comfortable, and flat surface.

What is the Difference Between the Mama Roo Sleep™ Bassinet and The Mama Roo® Infant Seat?

There are plenty of significant differences between the mamaRoo Sleep bassinet and the mamaRoo Infant Seat.

The bassinet can hold the baby during the day and night times. It has a firm surface that is comfortable for the baby to fall asleep. It helps to keep the infants safe and also facilitates monitoring them while the parents are busy or fast asleep.

Meanwhile, the infant seat is to hold the baby during the daytime and to keep them entertained, but it is not ideal for sleeping at night as it lacks a firm and flat surface. It also lacks the smart features to help the parents monitor the baby while they are away for a long.

How Portable is This Bassinet?

Yes, as the bassinet is easy to assemble and dismantle and is lightweight, it can be carried anywhere in your car while you are traveling.

2. SNOO Bassinet

Is SNOO a Medical Device?

Yes, after receiving the FDA De Novo Approval, the SNOO Smart Sleeper Bassinet now qualifies as an authorized legal device in the United States.

Does the FDA De Novo Approval Mean that SNOO Might Be Covered as An Employee Benefit?

Yes, Happiest Baby’s SNOO Bassinet offers a Corporate Rental Program, which is a 6-month free SNOO rental offer for corporate employees. More than 50 companies offer SNOO rental as an employee benefit scheme for parents.

Should I Rent an SNOO or Buy an SNOO Baby Bassinet?

Buying an SNOO is the best option if you plan to pass it on to other babies and have an adequate budget and space for it. However, renting it is a more feasible option if you are sure that it’s a one-time requirement and you want an economical and eco-friendly option.

SNOO takes full responsibility for sanitizing, refreshing, and cleaning the bassinet before quality checking and certifying it safe for use for the next baby in the town. Recycling SNOO is quite an eco-friendly option.

Next, Happiest Baby offers flexibility for the certified bassinet in terms of usage period and is available at $159 per month. Lastly, renting the SNOO can help you save storage and floor space, too, once your baby moves to the crib.

Comparison of mamaRoo Bassinet vs. SNOO Bassinet

Comparison of mamaRoo Bassinet vs. SNOO Bassinet .jpg

If you are in a rush and only have a minute to spare, then take a look at this comparison table to help you make up your mind quickly. But do not forget to get back to the detailed analysis of both the products above when you have the time to do so.

Product Specification

mamaRoo Sleep Bassinet

SNOO Smart Sleeper Bassinet

Product Dimension

Assembled Dimensions (34″ L x 24″ W x 39″ H with legs)

Assembled Dimensions (35.75” L × 19” W × 31” H with legs)

Product Weight

30 lbs

38 lbs

Age & Weight Recommendation

0-6 months old. From birth to 25 lbs, or start pushing hands and knees.

0-6 months till they can’t roll over too much.

Supports babies up to 25 lbs in weight.

Free Shipping Within the US

Yes except California


Mobile App Support



1-Year Warranty



Round The Clock Customer Support

Videos, FAQs, and instruction manuals. Call & Chat assistance is available from 10:00 am to 4:30 pm ET (Mon-Fri)





30-Day Free Trial Period

Yes, with a money-back guarantee

Yes, with a money-back guarantee

Designed as per AAP Safe Sleep Guidelines



De Novo FDA Approval



Final Thoughts

In conclusion, with mamaRoo Bassinet, you don’t need to worry about using a recycled product for your baby, as you can acquire it at an affordable rate for a six-month period. The monthly expenditure for mamaRoo Bassinet is less than the amount one has to pay for the rented SNOO Bassinet on a monthly EMI basis.

Whereas the SNOO Smart Sleeper Bassinet is suited for those parents who are looking for something more than just a smart bassinet. The SNOO Bassinet has received FDA De Novo Approval. It also offers a few more advanced features like automatic responsiveness to your baby’s fussing and monitoring of your baby’s sleep pattern via app-based analytical reports.

Although the SNOO Bassinet provides another commendable attribute which is the safe swaddle feature, it is a slightly debatable topic. There are about 3,500 SUID cases in the United States every year. So, some believe that it will keep the baby from rolling into bad positions and save them. At the same time, some pediatricians do not recommend restraining the baby over long hours and think it can hinder their physical development.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Bassinet Used For?

A bassinet is a sleeping place for the newborn. It is smaller than the traditional crib and can be placed adjacent to the bed. Furthermore, some bassinets are portable to help the baby fall asleep easily, even during the daytime, while you are busy working and running around the house.

Is It OK for a Baby to Sleep in The Bassinet?

Yes, a bassinet offers a safe and comfortable sleeping environment for the newborn till they are up to six months old. Bassinets are also portable, thereby making it easy to be carried around the house from one room to another without any hassle.

How Long Can a Baby Be in a Bassinet?

A bassinet can support an infant from its initial days to 180 days. They offer a safe, secure, comfortable, and portable sleeping environment for the newborn. After this period, they can be transferred to a bigger crib. Bassinets offer a temporary solution for the babies before they can transition to the crib and then to the bed.

Is the Bassinet or Crib Better?

Both bassinets and cribs are good for babies to sleep and rest; however, a crib takes up more space, while a bassinet is smaller in size. The small size of the bassinet makes them small apartment friendly and also attributed to its portability compared to a traditional crib.

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