171+ Best Watermelon Puns for a Good Chuckle

Best Watermelon Puns for a Good Chuckle

Watermelon puns can add a sweet and juicy twist to your conversations. But finding the right ones can be tricky. You might worry about sounding corny or not getting a laugh.

I’ve got good news! I’ve compiled a list of over 171+ watermelon puns that will make you and your friends smile. These puns range from clever wordplay to silly jokes, all centered around everyone’s favorite summer fruit.

In this article, I’ll share my top picks for watermelon puns. You’ll find puns perfect for social media captions, party invitations, or brightening someone’s day.

Get ready to dive into a world of fruity humor ripe for the picking!

List of Best Watermelon Puns to Brighten Your Day


Let’s make it a fruitful day!

2. Life’s what you bake it, so make it sweet!

3. I’m having a melon-choly day.

4. That’s the seed of the problem.

5. You’re the watermelon of my eye.

6. You’ve got me feeling pip-py!

7. I’m berried in work today.

8. Don’t go against the rind.

9. I’m feeling a bit meloncholy.

10. That’s rind by me!

11. You’re looking ripe today.

12. I seed what you did there.

13. Water you talking about?

14. You’re my main squeeze.

15. I’m just here for the rind of it.

16. That’s a juicy bit of gossip.

17. I’m green with envy.

18. You’ve got to be kidney me!

19. This situation is giving me rind rage.

20. Let’s melon this over.

21. I’ve got a rind-blowing idea.

22. That’s berry nice of you.

23. Don’t let it go to seed.

24. I’m feeling melon-cauli.

25. Water you waiting for?

26. Why did the watermelon blush? Because it saw the salad dressing.

27. What do you call a watermelon that’s not allowed in the library? Overdue.

28. How do watermelons get married? They cantaloupe.

29. What do you call a watermelon wearing a mask? An incognito.

30. Why don’t watermelons ever get lonely? They’re always in pairs.

31. What do you call a watermelon that tells jokes? A comedi-rind.

32. How do watermelons cheer each other up? They say “Juice gonna be okay!”

33. What’s a watermelon’s favorite type of shoe? Seedsneakers.

34. Why was the watermelon afraid to go to the doctor? It didn’t want to get a CAT scan.

35. What do you call a watermelon that’s bad at sports? A melon-choly.

36. How do watermelons stay cool in summer? They go to the rind-beach.

37. What do you call a watermelon detective? Sherlock Holmes-elon.

38. Why don’t watermelons ever have any money? They cantaloupe with it.

39. What do you call a watermelon that’s always complaining? A water-felon.

40. How do watermelons send messages? By seedmail.

41. What do you call a watermelon superhero? Melon-man.

42. Why did the watermelon go to the party alone? It couldn’t find its split.

43. What do you call a watermelon that’s good at math? A calcu-later.

44. How do watermelons ask for help? They say “Water you waiting for?”

45. Why don’t watermelons ever go on strike? They’re afraid of getting the pip.

46. What do you call a watermelon that’s always in a hurry? A rush-melon.

47. How do watermelons celebrate birthdays? With water-balloons.

48. Why was the watermelon embarrassed? It saw the peach naked.

49. What do you call a watermelon that’s always cold? A chill-melon.

50. How do watermelons break up? They say “Let’s split!”

51. You’re my melon-tine!

52. Rind or shine, you’re sublime!

53. You’re so rind to me.

54. I’m rooting for you!

55. You make me feel so meloncholy.

56. Let’s stick together like seeds.

57. I think you’re super cool, no rind games.

58. Water you up to today?

59. You’re my main squeeze.

60. I’m having a seedy day.

61. Don’t be melon-dramatic.

62. You’re the apple of my rind.

63. I’m feeling a bit green today.

64. Let’s slice to meet you!

65. You’re one tough cookie, I mean melon!

66. I’m rind-ing it hard to concentrate.

67. You’re the sweetest fruit in the bunch.

68. Let’s melon this friendship.

69. I’m feeling a bit watered down.

70. You’re a real pip, you know that?

71. I’m having a rind old time!

72. Water you thinking about?

73. You’re the coolest melon in the patch.

74. I’m having a slice day, how about you?

75. I’ve got a rind-ing suspicion about you!

76. Feeling rind of fresh today.

77. Just melon around on a Sunday.

78. Watermelon sugar high vibes.

79. Rind your own business.

80. Seedy but sweet.

81. Life’s a beach, eat watermelon.

82. Melon-choly mood.

83. Squeeze the day!

84. Rind over matter.

85. Living that seed life.

86. Watermelon crawl.

87. Slice to meet you!

88. Melon-drama queen.

89. Rind and shine!

90. Seedy side of life.

91. Feeling rind of cute.

92. Melon-choly baby.

93. Life’s sweet, eat more watermelon.

94. Rind your true colors.

95. Seedy but worth it.

96. Melon-choly days.

97. Rind the gap.

98. Seedy thoughts.

99. Melon-colly good time.

100. Water you looking at?

101. Rind your own way.

102. Melon-choly music.

103. Seedy business dealings.

104. Water you waiting for?

105. Rind over heels.

106. Melon-dramatic entrance.

107. Seedy neighborhood.

108. Water state of affairs.

109. Rind and punishment.

110. Melon-choly baby blues.

111. Seedy underbelly.

112. Water way to go!

113. Rind the changes.

114. Melon-dramatic exit.

115. Seedy motel.

116. Water you thinking?

117. Rind and repeat.

118. Melon-choly whisper.

119. Seedy characters.

120. Water relief!

121. Rind the alarm.

122. Melon-dramatic pause.

123. Seedy bar.

124. Water surprise!

125. Rind the night away.

126. Have a melon-y Christmas!

127. Hoppy Easter, you sweet melon!

128. Spooky Halloween, you little seedling!

129. Happy New Year, may it be rind-tastic!

130. Melon-tine’s Day love to you!

131. Happy Thanksgiving, you’re one in a melon!

132. Merry Christmelon!

133. Hoppy Easter, no rind games!

134. Have a spooktacular Halloween, you sweet melon!

135. Rind in the New Year!

136. Be my Valen-rind!

137. Gobble gobble, you’re my main squeeze!

138. Melon-y Christmas and a Happy New Year!

139. Easter blessings, you cool melon!

140. Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat… like watermelon!

141. New Year, new melon!

142. You’re my Valen-rind, will you be my Watermel-one?

143. Thanks-giving you all my love, you sweet melon!

144. Jingle bells, watermelon smells!

145. Hoppy Easter, you little seedling!

146. Haunted Halloween wishes, you spooky melon!

147. Rind lang syne!

148. Roses are red, watermelons are sweet, be my Valen-rind, you can’t be beat!

149. Give thanks for watermelons this Thanksgiving!

150. Deck the halls with boughs of melons!

151. I’m in a bit of a pickle… I mean melon!

152. You’re the zest! I mean best!

153. Orange you glad I didn’t say banana? I said watermelon!

154. I’m feeling a bit melon-cauli today.

155. You’re the apple of my rind… I mean eye!

156. Let’s cantaloupe… I mean elope!

157. I’m going bananas… I mean melons!

158. You’re one tough cookie… I mean melon!

159. That’s the way the cookie crumbles… I mean melon splits!

160. You’re as cool as a cucumber… I mean watermelon!

161. Don’t go bacon my heart… I mean melon!

162. You’re the cherry on top… I mean seed in my watermelon!

163. I’m feeling peachy… I mean melony!

164. That’s how the cookie crumbles… I mean watermelon splits!

165. You’re the cream of the crop… I mean melon of the patch!

166. Don’t cry over spilt milk… I mean split watermelon!

167. You’re as sweet as honey… I mean watermelon!

168. That’s not my cup of tea… I mean slice of watermelon!

169. You’re the big cheese… I mean melon!

170. I’m walking on eggshells… I mean watermelon rinds!

171. You’re the icing on the cake… I mean the seed in my watermelon!

172. That’s the last straw… I mean watermelon seed!

173. You’re my bread and butter… I mean rind and flesh!

174. I’m feeling under the weather… I mean under the watermelon!

175. You’re the bee’s knees… I mean the melon’s seeds!


I hope this list of watermelon puns has given you a good chuckle! From classic wordplay to kid-friendly jokes, there’s something here for everyone.

These puns are perfect for livening up your summer gatherings, social media posts, or brightening someone’s day.

Next time you enjoy a juicy slice of watermelon, why not try one of these puns? You might start a trend among your friends. And if they roll their eyes? Well, that’s just the seed of the problem!

Feel free to share your favorite watermelon puns in the comments.

Let’s keep the fun rolling!

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