Cradlewise Review: The Smart Baby Sleeper

An in-depth review of Cradlewise

>Babies are cute, but they can also be really fussy if their naptime is compromised. Sleep is essential for a baby’s growth and healthy development, mental and physical. Many experts suggest using a crib for this as it is considered the safest place for a little one.

However, a common challenge that almost all parents face is that babies resist the crib and start crying. Naturally, they prefer the comfort and warmth of their parents. Therefore, parents need to choose the right crib to ensure their child’s safety and comfort.

This is where Cradlewise Smart Crib comes to the rescue. It is an astounding innovation, seemingly integrating multiple elements into one. If you are looking for a comfortable place for your baby to sleep in, this might be it. Here, we have done a thorough review of Cradlewise.

So, let’s get started!

What is Cradlewise?

It is the perfect crib for a baby that comes with white noise and a baby monitor. It is set apart from its competition by its dual functionality. It boasts an impressive smart capability to connect you to your baby on a personal level and showcases its potential to soothe your baby by bouncing and providing white noise. It can also make the smart transition from being a bassinet to a crib.

Another standout feature of Cradlewise is its easily adaptable design and its seamless transitional capacity to go from a bassinet to a crib. This feature alone makes this product beyond the usual lifespan of other bassinets and cribs in the market.

This also promises value for price and longevity, making it a game-changer for parents seeking comprehensive solutions for their baby’s sleep—the Cradlewise smart crib claims to pose as the best practical choice for modern parenting.

This evaluation dives into the number of useful aspects of the all-in-one solution. In this comprehensive analysis of Cradlewise, the team has engrossed themselves in the mechanics and technicalities of the product to bring out the best in the market. Moreover, it also claims to have done a thorough assessment to make the product stand out among the numerous competitors in the market.

Unpacking, Set-Up, and Experience of Cradlewise

Unpacking, Set-Up, and Experience of Cradlewise .png

The striking thing about Cradlewise is its considerable size and weight. When it is first dropped off, you will need some help to carry and assemble it. Especially if you are expecting, it is best to practice caution.

The unboxing process is quite an enjoyable experience. The components inside are considerately marked and labeled, and there’ll be a surprise of some wonderful facts related to babies and words of affirmation that are guaranteed to charm you.

The unboxing will also take you through the quality and aesthetics of the product. It is well thought out and not at all a nerve-wracking affair. The weight of the cradles serves a much-needed purpose. It is constructed with excellent materials that are no less than luxury.

The dimensions are also generous, considering it is for a baby. The design and aesthetic certainly complement well with whichever place you want to assemble it in. In addition to that, the size of the cradles plays an important role in its transition from a bassinet to a crib.

2. Assembling Cradlewise

There are two pivotal steps in setting up and assembling the Cradlewise. The first step includes placing together the physical crib, and the next step includes setting up the mobile app that it accompanies.

To construct the crib, there will be a well-referenced set of instructions in the manual that can be followed step by step. There will need to be a little bit of time investment involved in the assembling process, but other than that, it’s quite a smooth and straightforward process.

It is a similar experience to putting together a furniture piece from Ikea, except it has added illustrative diagrams and extensively written directions. It is carefully proportioned in a manner that is easily transported into a box.

On top of that, the crib is positioned initially, and then the bassinet is overlaid, which helps the proper establishment of both the parts along with the added baby monitor.

A person can single-handedly assemble it as well, although a few steps might require an extra hand.

3. Cradlewise App Setup

Setting the Cradlewise is just like setting up any smart-home type gadgets already. All you have to do is download the iOS or Android app on your device, connect to the internet, and register your Cradlewise.

Key Features of Cradlewise

Key Features of Cradlewise

Bassinet/Crib in one: Cradlewise comprises a clever combination of a bassinet and a crib. The main component is the crib, and it comes with an add-on, the bassinet. The bassinet goes on top of the crib and appears to hang there.

This is because when you want to pick up your baby from the crib, you need to bend quite a lot. But with the bassinet being higher, it is easier to get a hold of your baby. You can make use of the bassinet until your baby is grown enough. It’s a plus point for your back, too!

1. Bouncing

Here’s another cool feature of Cradlewise. The crib can bounce up and down on its own. It tries to mimic the manner in which parents try to soothe their kids by bouncing them.

2. Video Baby Monitor

There is a video and sound monitor inside the crib. This is attached to a piece of wood where the baby’s head will rest. The camera gives you a distinct view from the top and is better than most monitors that try to peek amidst the bars of the crib from a distance.

3. White Noise

The Cradlewise has built-in speakers that play peace-inducing and soothing white noise to calm your baby at any time of the day. You get to pick from the different sounds available or choose your own.

4. Sleep Analytics

The camera in the crib makes out whether your baby is in a deep sleep or a light sleep. It tracks your baby’s sleep cycle throughout the night or during naptime.

Using the Cradlewise

Using the Cradlewise

To say the least, it is very easy to use Cradlewise. You rest your baby in the bassinet or the crib, making sure you’re following the safe sleep rules. To make the crib bounce, press the button on the curved wood, or you can make use of the app.

It is the same step to follow if you want to stop the bouncing. The app has more added functions! You can watch your baby with the camera as they sleep or play, play white noise, and change how the crib bounces. It is like a tech-savvy helper for your baby.

Now that we are aware of how Cradlewise works and all its different functions, let’s see how it performs.

We’ll be mainly focusing on 3 things in this review: The awesome parts, things that could be improved, and our concluding opinion on whether Cradlewise as a whole is a good choice.

It is important to keep in mind that Cradlewise is like a brand-new electronic gadget. It is natural for it to have some technical issues, considering this is the first product from Cradlewise. But it is undoubtedly useful for the sound sleep of your baby.

Pros and Cons of Cradlewise

Pros and Cons of Cradlewise

There are also lots of good things about Cradlewise, especially the idea that made it possible. Parents understand the complications of day-to-day life, so having something that makes your baby’s time easier is a relief.

Also, how convenient is it not to hoard everything in the market? So, a gadget that can do some crucial things really well is a big deal for new moms and dads.

Although it is a great concept, the effort lies in making it work exceptionally. It is indeed a great relief to have one thing that caters perfectly to your baby’s sleep schedule. This is how easy parents want things to get. It works as a multitasking robot for a baby’s sleep.

Something even cooler is that you can switch from the bassinet to a crib once your kid is old enough. This is a very good way to save space and money in the long run. Cradlewise offers you the convenience of availing of all these perks.

The built-in baby monitor is another sleek feature. You can forget about investing in a separate device to watch over your little one.

Combined with the white noise, you get two jobs done in one go! Your baby soundly sleeps to the white noise while being watched over you at any time of the day.


1. Bouncing

The bouncing really worked well with babies. Although there was some problem sensing movement initially, the bouncing worked very well with calming.

Combining the three components in Cradlewise is convenient as there’s no need to get a separate system for everything. But most importantly, they need to work well together.

2. Customization

It lets you customize things from how loud the white noise is or even add your own music. They’re also adding new additions such as dark mode and sleep insights.

3. Versatility and Design

As new parents, you might find how less durable certain baby products are. They don’t tend to last very long. But with Cradlewise, this isn’t an issue.

It can be used for two whole years. It starts as a bassinet when your baby is little and easily switches to a crib when he’s old enough. This saves you some good money for your baby’s older years.

It also looks good in terms of design and aesthetics. It is unquestionably stylish and would fit in any setting, even in the parent’s room.

It can seem like a cool furniture piece from Ikea that is the perfect assistant for your baby.


1. Glitches and Software/Hardware Issues

There were some issues initially with the software. This would lead to the camera freezing and would often move with the bounce, so it was tough to tell. The app issues a lot of updates, which can cause Cradlewise to stop working for a while.

However, these problems can be dealt with by speaking with customer service, and the amazing part is they offer to have video calls with parents who have problems.

2. Automatic Smoothing Based is Not Efficient

Cradlewise claims to determine when your baby wakes up to help them go back to sleep. But this didn’t work well for some babies as some tend to move a lot in their sleep, which Cradlewise assumes as the baby wakes up and bounces more.

The same goes for when Cradlewise can detect when the baby’s eyes are opening. It tries to soothe the baby back to sleep. In some cases, it might not work the best. But again, these can be easily worked with by introducing some updates.

3. Settings Aren’t Saved Across Devices

It is preferably helpful when using a baby gadget that the settings work on different devices, too. Cradlewise does not arrange the settings accordingly on different devices. Although this can be fixed with a software update, it can still be a fuss.

The app can also be better for minute things. For example, checking how bouncy the crib is in the present moment isn’t possible without scrolling all the way down. These small things can be worked around with a few updates.

Final Thoughts

Cradlewise definitely grabbed the attention for the outstanding and unique concept. Having all those features bundled into one is a big plus point for one. One can rest assured trust Cradlewise if willing to sail through the initial setbacks.

The product claims to outstand other products with further improvements, which can be either through updates or new hardware versions.

Like any other technology, Cradlewise has areas to refine and reflect on, and one can expect even further enhancements over the period.

Cradlewise Smart Crib emerges as the newest solution for new parents. It offers an all-in-one package that pertains to both the convenience and comfort of your child.

It also caters to the emerging needs of both the child and the parent. With its thoughtful design, tech-savvy features, and it’s practical ways, it presents itself as a wonderful solution.

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