How to Spin a Pen: 7 Easy Methods to Try Today

How to Spin a Pen: All Pen Spinning Tricks

Pen Spinning is one of the favorite hobbies of every student in the school. Have you played this game during your school days? Did you do your tricks for how to spin a pen? Many people have tried one or two techniques for turning a pen.

But despite that, there are many pen-spinning tricks available. Pen spinners use amazing tricks and do it with their fingers. It reduces boredom and the stress of every human being. You may feel jealous after seeing different pen-spinning tricks.

But learning has no boundaries. As you grow up, you can easily find different pen-spinning tricks. You can practice daily and get the energy to perform correctly. It is necessary to upgrade your skills by learning new things and keeping your inner motivation alive.

Even you can become your best friend by playing with yourself after learning the correct technique. You can note how to spin a pen by following the tips below.

Introduction to How to Spin a Pen

Introduction to How to Spin a Pen

Everybody wants to know the tricks behind how to spin a pen. Some people make it complicated without the proper guidance, For pen spinning. But if we make the complex statement into a simple one, it includes using the middle finger, index finger, and thumb.

You need to exchange the fingers depending upon the trick you will follow. For example, following the thumb around includes using the thumb as the base finger.

The heavy part of the pen needs to be placed by that side. So, different tricks have different movements of fingers and teach how to spin a pen. Pen spinning is one of the booster doses for everyone during their busy schedule. You might be irritated initially, but the results come out effectively after you start spinning the pen.

It is advisable to use any regular pen; it doesn’t need to be any fancy or premium pen to learn spinning. Many people also perform the skill by using a pencil. So you can easily perform with the help of a regular pen.

You need to open your mind while opening it to get the desired result. It is independent of how many tricks you learn during the journey. It is necessary to be perfect in every trick and get the desired result from the pen spinning.

Different Fundamental Tricks of Pen Spinning

You can take it as a challenge to learn how to spin a pen. Make sure that you follow every step with patience. You must complete all steps to get the exact result.

Check out the different fundamental tricks of pen spinning below:

1. The 23-Charge

The 23-Charge

It is one of the beginner’s how to spin a pen trick. The steps include putting a pen between your middle and ring finger and holding it with the help of a thumb. Then you must simultaneously push your ring finger forward and middle finger backward. After that, lift your thumb and make your pen spin with a 360-degree move. Make sure that you are using your total energy while doing it.

2. Using Thumb

Using Thumb

This is the tricky one for you. You can get perfection once you keep practicing. So, the tricks involve the use of the thumb and middle finger. The process may be simple, but its practical application seems complicated. So first, hold your middle finger and thumb, as shown in the picture. You need to move the middle finger first.

Then, it’s time to flip a pen. But make sure you flip it slowly, or the pen may fall. For better coordination, keep your hand steady. You need to move your wrist and fingers.

If you need a break because you’re about to give up, take one. However, constant practice for how to spin a pen can be an exciting challenge for you.

3. Middle Finger Trick Deck

Middle Finger Trick Deck

Step by step, the difficulty of how to spin a pen increases. This is one of the most complex tricks yet an exciting challenge for everyone. First, place the pen on top of your index and middle fingers, and then use the fingernail of your ring finger to press down on the pencil. Note that you follow each step instead of not missing anyone.

Once you’ve got the pen between your index and middle fingers, slide it over to your ring finger and push back on it with your index finger so it flips under your middle finger.

Using your index finger, flip the pen so that it rests between your thumb and middle finger. Next, raise your middle finger and use your thumb and ring finger to guide the pen around it.

4. Sonic


This is one of the interesting tricks for pen spinning. This trick includes the use of the middle and index fingers. First, you need to position your pen in the correct direction.

That includes holding your pen in a slant position between the index and middle finger. So, you need to push the middle finger down and push the pen with the help of your thumb.

You can catch the pen easily by slightly lowering the index finger, like the ring finger. The main task includes spinning the pen between the index and ring finger. You need to lower your middle finger between the flip. You can quickly learn how to spin a pen by following such tricks.

5. Charge

This is one of the most challenging pen-spinning techniques for a beginner. Just like you did on Sonic, the position is somewhat similar. But spinning a pen might differ.

Place the pen between your middle and ring fingers, with the backside of the pen facing toward your thumb. Now, slightly move your ring finger backward by stretching the ring and middle finger.

Rotate the pen 180 degrees upside down by moving it slowly. You can follow a tip by moving the ring finger backward and the middle finger upwards. Remember to hold your pen with your thumb and index finger while you flip over. While learning How to spin a pen, do it with a free mind.

6. Back Around

Back Around

Back Around is one of the interesting and easiest pen-spinning tricks. This may be one of the newest yet easiest tricks for you. The lighter end of the pen should be held between the index and middle fingers, with the index pointing down and the middle finger retracted. The pen will spin around the index finger and settle between the two fingers.

7. Fingerpass


If you want to try some cool tricks, the finger pass is one of the best options. Trying the fundamentals is easy, but mastery takes more time and effort.

So, finger pass consists of certain steps followed one on another. Put your pen between the index and middle finger in the first step. You should slide the pen down your index finger and in front of your middle finger.

Now, roll the pen over your ring finger by bending it down. The pen should now be locked between your ring and middle fingers, so bring your ring finger back up. You can easily learn to spin a pen if you follow every step completely.

Why Do People Twirl Pens?

Why Do People Twirl Pens?

Nowadays, the spinning pen is one of the famous tricks people love to learn. You may come in contact with your friends/colleagues spinning pen during office hours.

What can be the reason for that? Are they doing it to follow any traditions by watching others? Or are they doing it for fun? So check out the various reasons for learning how to spin a pen.

1. Relieves Anxiety

Spinning pens help the students to fight anxiety. Many people prefer doing it as a great way to remove tension and exercise physical movement. Sometimes, students get so stressed that they remove it by spinning their pens. Some may take it as a bad habit, and they start holding water bottles to keep themselves away from the excessive spinning of the pen.

2. Subconscious Habit

Not all kids who fidget with their pens are anxious. For some students, it’s become automatic behavior. Some people relieve boredom by spinning pens aimlessly. Whatever the case, students have recently shown an increased interest in twirling pens. They have made it a habit to spin a pen constantly.

3. Loves Learning New Skills

Many people have the habit of learning new skills. Spinning pen is a challenging task. It requires a lot of practice to get the perfect result. So, people love learning all the fundamental tricks to spinning a pen.

They constantly keep spinning pens to showcase their new learning art to others. Mind also develops creativity and concentration by constantly focussing on learning new tricks through pen spinning. Even people prefer expressing such talents by learning such skills.

4. Removes Boredom

Pen is a sword for people who make it a routine and practice the game daily. They make it a daily habit when they feel bored. This is one of the best ways to increase love for teammates by constantly focusing on learning new skills. Everyone gives their tricks of spinning a pen. Spinning a pen can be the goal for the team to increase coordination and develop inner spirit for them.


So, how did you feel after pen spinning? Of course, you might not be able to get the result for the first time. You might get irritated as you may not be able to do it for the first time.

But keeping patience and building confidence can give a better result. There are plenty of tricks available for how to spin a pen. But performing some of them with the perfect result might interest you to learn more.

Sonic is one of the difficult ones for the people who reach out to learn pen spinning. But instant practice makes that also an easy task. The information provided above makes it sufficient to become a good pen spinner. Spinning a pen is one of the exciting challenges people take upon themselves.

You can start practicing daily and share your results with friends and close ones. Did you introduce any new pen-spinning tricks? Which pen-spinning tricks did you like the most? Comment down below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Spin a Regular Pen?

Yes, you can spin a regular pen. At the same time, you may get by in the beginning with an ordinary pencil or pen (the longer, the better). You only need to learn how to spin a pen. It doesn’t require any variety of pens to choose from.

Can You Exercise Your Mind by Learning How to Spin a Pen?

Yes, the stress of work and daily life can be eradicated with the help of pen spinning. Pen spinning is one of the great exercises to exercise your brain and boost your concentration, memory, and learning skills. It also enhances the coordination and flexibility of the finger.

Does It Look Cool While I Learn How to Spin a Pen?

There are different fundamental tricks present that look cool while spinning a pen. Like the charge is one of the fundamental tricks where it masters the impression of effortless coolness. Spinners use the middle and ring fingers to flip the pen.

Is It True that Spinning a Pen Brings Joy?

Endorphins are a group of happy hormones in your body that are released in response to physical activity, elevating your mood and giving you a general sense of well-being. Learning how to spin a pen is a great way to get your endorphins flowing.

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