131+ Funny Birthday Riddles for Kids

Funny Birthday Riddles for Kids

Are you looking for a fun way to celebrate your child’s birthday?

Want to add some laughter and excitement to the party? Birthday riddles are the perfect solution!

But finding age-appropriate, funny riddles can be a challenge. You want riddles that will make the kids laugh without confusion. Well, you’re in luck!

We’ve compiled a list of over 131+ hilarious birthday riddles guaranteed to entertain children of all ages.

From silly puns to clever wordplay, these riddles will have the birthday boy or girl and their friends giggling in no time.

Get ready to make this birthday party one to remember with our collection of funny birthday riddles for kids!

 Interesting Birthday Riddles for Kids to Enjoy

 Interesting Birthday Riddles for Kids to Enjoy

  1. What goes up and never comes down? -Your age

  2. What kind of music do birthday balloons hate? -Pop music

  3. Why did the birthday cake go to the doctor? -Because it was feeling crumbly

  4. What does a clam do on its birthday? -It shellebrates

  5. What goes up and down but doesn’t move? -Stairs on your birthday

  6. Why did the boy feel warm on his birthday? -Because people kept toasting him

  7. What do you say to a kangaroo on its birthday? -Hoppy Birthday!

  8. What does a birthday cake do when it’s hurt? -It uses a bandage

  9. Why did the birthday gift get sent to the principal’s office? -For gift-wrapping

  10. What kind of birthday cake do ghosts prefer? -I-Scream cake

  11. What did the tiger say to her cub on its birthday? -It’s roar birthday!

  12. Why did the cookie go to the hospital on its birthday? -Because it felt crumbly

  13. What did one candle say to the other on a birthday cake? -Don’t birthdays burn you up?

  14. What did the teddy bear say when it was offered birthday cake? -No thanks, I’m stuffed

  15. What does a birthday cake say after a workout? -Phew, I’m icing!

  16. Why did the birthday card go to the gym? -To get some birthday greetings

  17. What did the elephant wish for on its birthday? -A trunkful of gifts

  18. Why was the birthday cake as hard as a rock? -Because it was marble cake

  19. What does a cat like to eat on its birthday? -Mice cream and cake

  20. What does a birthday cake do after a long day? -It needs to re-tire

  21. Why did the birthday cake have a knife beside it? -It wanted to cut the celebrations short

  22. What did the birthday balloon say to the pin? -Hi Buster!

  23. What do you get when you cross a birthday cake with a duck? -Quacky birthday to you

  24. How do pickles celebrate their birthdays? -They relish the moment

  25. What’s an astronaut’s favorite kind of birthday cake? -A launch cake

  26. What do you call a dinosaur wearing a party hat? -A birthdasaurus

  27. What do sheep say on their birthdays? -Happy Birrr-thday to Ewe

  28. What type of birthday cake do birds like? -Chirp-late cake

  29. What did one lightbulb say to the other on its birthday? -Watts the occasion?

  30. Why was the birthday cake upset? -Because its party was over in a flash

  31. What did the peanut butter say to the birthday cake? -Stick with me, and we’ll go places

  32. What do monkeys sing at birthday parties? -Happy birthday to zoo

  33. Why was the math book sad on its birthday? -Because it had too many problems

  34. What did the birthday hat say to the scarf? -You hang around while I go on ahead

  35. Why couldn’t the birthday cake finish its meal? -Because it was too full

  36. What kind of cakes do monkeys like best? -Ba-na-na cakes

  37. What’s the longest word in the English language on a birthday? -Smiles because there’s a mile between the first and last letters

  38. What has wings but can’t fly on your birthday? -Birthday candles

  39. What can you serve at a birthday party but never eat? -A tennis ball

  40. What can you hold without ever touching it on your birthday? -Your breath

  41. Why did the birthday cake go to the dermatologist? -It had a bad rash

  42. Why was the birthday card extra chatty? -Because it had a lot to say

  43. What do you call a grizzly bear catching a salmon on its birthday? -A birthday catch

  44. Why was the birthday present sent to the principal? -Because it was too much of a gift

  45. What do you call a spider on a birthday cake? -A cinnamon bun

  46. What do you call a birthday party without a cake? -A big mis-cake

  47. Why don’t scientists trust birthday atoms? -Because they make up everything

  48. What’s the ratio of a birthday cake’s circumference to its diameter? -Birthday Pi

  49. What do you call a princess who makes birthday cakes? -A flour girl

  50. What was the birthday balloon’s favorite sport? -Squash

  51. How can you tell it’s your goldfish’s birthday? -It’s wearing a bowtie

  52. What did the hamburger name his daughter on her birthday? -Patty

  53. What is a tree’s least favorite day? -Arbor Day

  54. Why did the scarecrow win an award on his birthday? -Because he was outstanding in his field

  55. Why did the kid bring a ladder to the birthday party? -He wanted to go to the high tea

  56. What did the big flower say to the little flower on its birthday? -Hey, Bud!

  57. How does a mermaid celebrate her birthday? -She has a shell-ebration

  58. What did the grape say on its birthday? -I’m raisin a glass to celebrate!

  59. What does a turtle like to eat on its birthday? -Chocolate turtles

  60. What kind of plates do birthday cows use? -Moo-lamine

  61. What does a birthday acorn say when it grows up? -Geometry

  62. What do you call a snake with a party hat on its birthday? -A birthday snake-in-the-grass

  63. What kind of shoes does a birthday frog wear? -Open toad

  64. What did the tornado say to the birthday boy? -I have some twisty gifts for you

  65. Why was the birthday lemon hard to buy? -Because it was a lemon gift

    the birthday lemon hard

  66. What kind of cake do chickens like on their birthdays? -Coop-cakes

  67. What can you hold in your right hand on your birthday but not in your left? -Your left elbow

  68. What do you call two birds in love celebrating a birthday? -Tweethearts

  69. What do you get if you cross a magician with a birthday cake? -Abracadabra-cadabra

  70. What did the bird with the broken wing say on its birthday? -Owl always loves you

  71. Why did the sock go to the doctor on its birthday? -Because it had a hole in it

  72. How do owls wish happy birthdays? -Happy Owl-idays

  73. What kind of key opens a banana on its birthday? -A mon-key

  74. What did the cat say when offered a birthday saucer of milk? -Thanks fur the treat!

  75. Why was the math book sad on its birthday? -Because nobody remembered its age

  76. What did one seagull say to the other on its birthday? -I’m getting older, feather by feather

  77. What is a robot’s favorite birthday party game? -Ro-bingo!

  78. Why did the chess master win the birthday tournament? -He had the right moves

  79. What kind of bird loves birthdays? -Parroty animals

  80. Why was the cupcake late to the birthday party? -It was traffic-jammed

  81. What happened when the skunk had a birthday? -It was a scent-sational celebration

  82. Why did the orange go to the doctor on its birthday? -Because it wasn’t peeling well

  83. How did the hipster burn his mouth on his birthday? -He sipped his coffee before it was cool

  84. What did the beaver say on its birthday? -Dam, I’m getting old!

  85. What did the duckling order on its birthday? -A quack-adilla

  86. Why did the sheep refuse the birthday cake? -He was feeling a bit sheepish

  87. What did the elf say when he turned one hundred on his birthday? -A century is a long time for an elf!

  88. When is the moon’s birthday? -On satellight!

  89. What do you get when you plant kisses on your birthday? -Tulips on your mouth

  90. What did Santa say to Mrs. Claus on her birthday? -Happy birthday, deer

  91. What do aliens like to have for their birthdays? -Flying saucers and green cheese

  92. What kind of stories do birthday candles tell? -Glowing tales

  93. Why did the crab never share his birthday sweets? -Because he was shellfish

  94. What does a cow call her birthday party? -A moo-ving experience

  95. Why couldn’t the butterfly go to its friend’s birthday party? -It was a moth ball

  96. What did the pencil sharpener say to the pencil on its birthday? -Have a point-ed birthday!

  97. What did one fly say to the other on its birthday? -Swat’s up?

  98. Why did the coffee file a police report on its birthday? -Because it got mugged

  99. What kind of toy truck did the boy get for his birthday? -A good pickup truck

  100. Why didn’t the quarter roll down the hill with the nickel on their birthday? -Because it had more cents

  101. What kind of knight has a birthday party at a round table? -A knight to remember

  102. What did the drummer call his twin daughters? -Anna one, Anna two

  103. Why was the broom late to the birthday party? -It over-swept

  104. What do you call a birthday cake shared by two philosophers? -Dessert-es

  105. Why didn’t the nose go to the birthday party? -He didn’t get a scent of an invitation

  106. What did the hungry birthday clock do? -It went back four seconds

  107. What do you call a cow on a trampoline at a birthday party? -A milk shake

  108. Why did the man hit the birthday cake with a hammer? -Because it was a pound cake

  109. What has a foot on each side and a birthday gift in the middle? -A birthday card

  110. How is a birthday gift like your job? -You don’t get to keep either of them if you don’t work

  111. What has a neck but no head, two arms but no hands on a birthday? -A shirt

  112. Why did the cookie go to the hospital on its birthday? -Because it felt crumbly!

  113. What does a clown wear to birthday parties? -A happy suit

  114. Why did the chicken go to the birthday seance? -To get to the other side

  115. Why was the computer cold on its birthday? -It left its Windows open

  116. What do you call a dinosaur that smashes birthday cakes? -A tyrannosaurus wrecks

  117. What do you sing to a one-year-old on their birthday? -Happy birthday to you, squashed tomatoes and stew

  118. Why does a flamingo lift one leg on its birthday? -Because if it lifted both, it would fall down

  119. What did the big bucket say to the little bucket on its birthday? -Lookin’ a little pail there

  120. What goes through towns, up & over hills, but doesn’t move? -The road leading to your birthday party

  121. What bow can’t be tied on a birthday present? -A rainbow

  122. When you look for something on your birthday, why is it always in the last place you look? -Because when you find it, you stop looking

  123. If two’s company and three’s a crowd, what are four and five on a birthday? -Nine

  124. How is a laser beam similar to a goldfish on a birthday? -Neither one can whistle

  125. If you have me, you want to share me, but if you share me, you don’t have me. What am I? -A birthday secret

  126. How many birthdays does the average person have? -Only one – all the rest are anniversaries

  127. What question can you never answer “yes” to on your birthday? -Are you asleep yet?

  128. How many seconds are there in a birthday year? -12 – January 2nd, February 2nd….

  129. What types of birthday candles are impossible to blow out? -The ones on an electric cake

  130. What did the digital clock say to the grandfather clock on its birthday? -Look grandpa, no hands!

  131. Why did the spider have a great time at his birthday party? -He was a web designer

  132. What three candies can you find in every school on your birthday? -Nerds, DumDums, and Smarties


Birthdays are meant to be filled with laughter and cherished memories.

By incorporating these 131+ hilarious and unique riddles into your child’s celebration, you’ll add an extra dose of fun and excitement that will have everyone grinning from ear to ear.

These clever wordplays entertain and encourage kids to think and bond with one another. So, as you plan your little one’s special day, remember that the best birthdays are those that bring joy, love, and a touch of silliness.

Use these riddles to create lasting memories and make this birthday one to remember. Don’t forget to share your favorite riddles with friends and family, spreading the laughter and happiness that birthdays are all about.

Happy riddling and happy birthday!

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